13 disruption quotes to kick-start your own innovation

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Disruption is one of those words that gets thrown around an awful lot. Every startup wants to be the next Uber and established businesses are scrambling to ensure they don’t get replaced by the next disruptive startup. As is often the case with buzzwords and any topic the hype machine gets hold of, the true meaning of disruption seems to have been lost recently.

The term disruption or more specifically, disruptive innovation as we think of it today is often accredited to Clayton Christensen and Joseph Bower in a paper for the Harvard Business Review all the way back in 1995. They defined disruptive innovation as a process where an inexpensive new product is launched and gradually overtakes the existing market leaders. Today, disruption is often used synonymously with both innovation and transformation.       

Regardless of the word’s over/misuse, there’s no denying that we are in an era of disruption. From Amazon to Apple, and of course Uber, disruptive innovation is happening at a staggering rate. While disruption is an easy topic to chat about and the innovations that cause it seem like common sense once they gain popularity, few tasks are more difficult or require greater dedication than disrupting a stagnating industry.

 So, to help inspire you to keep striving to create innovation, I’ve put together this list of 13 amazing quotes about disruption. Enjoy.  

 Gabor George Burt

Travis Bradberry

Richard Branson

Dale Carnegie

Clayton Christensen

Steve Jobs

 Guy Kawasaki

 Ash Maurya

 Phil McKinney

 Elon Musk

 Heather Simmons

 Jay Samit

 And my personal favorite…

 William Pollard

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