4 ways brands use industry news to market to customers

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Each day, marketers bombard consumers with brand messaging, from blog posts to social media ads to specials communicated by email. To stand out, more experienced marketers know they must create content that customers are interested in reading. This often means blog posts, videos, or newsletters geared toward offering relevant tips. Yet with everyone taking that approach, it still can be difficult to stand out.

News is another way to keep customers coming back. This is especially true for B2B companies that serve customers in a specific industry. By being the source of news for those customers, a brand can also establish thought leadership in its field, earning long-term trust across its entire customer base. Here are a few examples of businesses using industry news to win customers.

1. Blog posts

Few topics directly concern consumers as much as healthcare. Their very lives depend on being able to access affordable healthcare. For companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, keeping customers informed about the latest healthcare news is part of providing good customer service. On its blog, the corporation combines tips with news on healthcare in general, as well as news about their own services.

Large corporations aren’t the only ones who can deliver the latest news to their customers. As the healthcare bill makes its way through Congress, many small businesses are incorporating the latest healthcare news into their blog posts for marketing purposes. Instead of simply recycling the news, though, savvy small businesses translate the information to the ways it will specifically impact its own customers. This directs the information to that business’s specific audience, making it more useful than the general data available on major news websites.

2. Twitter

IBM has long been known as a leader in IT, and many small and midsized businesses rely on its services to power their own daily operations. Through its Twitter account, IBM offers news that can appeal to technology providers across all sectors, as well as the general consumer market.

Small business owners put news into their Twitter accounts, as well. Many entrepreneurs who work in the role of advisors use the platform to retweet breaking news and share news of their own. The most marketing-savvy of these professionals make it clear in each tweet that they understand how this news will affect their specific audience.

3. Facebook

When it comes to marketing its own business, Salesforce is a company to watch. Those who follow the company’s Facebook Page see a mix of industry news, as well as news about its software solutions. One addition that falls into the “news” category is the events Salesforce shares with followers. If a business partner has an event that might help its own customer base, Salesforce shares the information.

One of the best uses of Facebook, as well as other social media platforms, is to coordinate it with your blog posts. Businesses usually link their blog posts on social media with a brief introductory message. Make sure this message is specific to your audience on each platform, as this B2B company has done.

4. YouTube

Like IBM, Cisco Networks has earned a reputation as a leader in technology products and services. On YouTube, the company has set up separate channels, which are categorized into sections titled About Cisco, Business, Collaboration, Data Center and Cloud, Industry Solutions, and more. Under the business category, customers will find information specific to trends within the industry that impact IT professionals and their businesses.

Microsoft uses its channel to showcase the humanitarian work the company does, as well as share information about its products. Mixed in with that, though, are news and event information designed to appeal to the many businesses that consider themselves brand loyalists. While many of the company’s videos are geared toward showcasing its products, there is still plenty of customer-centric information to get visitors to their channel interested in watching.

Effective marketing means providing useful information rather than simply spamming customers with messages about your products or services. By including news and industry trends as part of your content marketing strategy, you can engage customers, who will then seek to learn more about the work your company does. Whether you’re creating videos or coming up with unique information for your blog post, try to include news in your marketing strategy to boost your content and inform your customers.

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