40% of Indians Prefer Video Ads on Mobile Phones: Report

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Cheap 4G data in the country has increased preference for video content for mobile users and 40 percent of them prefer to watch video advertisements over image and text, as per a survey by MoMagic Technologies. “A significant 40 percent of the 35,000 people surveyed said that they prefer to watch videos as a form of advertisement on mobile phones over other mediums as falling 4G data prices are pushing Indians to consume more video content. Some people in the survey were found to be consuming 2GB data every day,” MoMagic Technologies CEO and Founder Arun Gupta told reporters today.

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As per the survey, 24 percent people prefer advertisements in image format and 11 percent in small text message form. Most of the mobile advertisement was viewed by people while playing mobile games and watching videos on web platforms like YouTube. Out of the total, 28.7 percent watched mobile ads for winning credits in games, 25.5 percent while shopping online and 23.6 percent for product related information. “Consumers have displayed an increased interest in content-rich storytelling rather than abrupt banner ads.

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This trend creates deep lasting impact (i.e., a purchase) and is set to continue through 2018-2019,” Gupta said. Around 34 percent of the people in the survey said mobile ads are important for them. The MediaTek and Foxconn funded firm found that 37 percent of the people, ranging from teenagers to those above 70 years, view their mobile phones over six times in an hour due to high level of addiction fuelled by internet related activities such as social media and online videos.

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“This has led to rapid consumption of mobile ads as 56 percent of the respondents see these ads at least 2-3 times in a day,” Gupta said. The survey, conducted between October-December 2017, found that 60 percent of the respondents owned more than one mobile phone, suggesting different phones for home and office use.

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