Android P Expected to Bring Native Call Recording Support

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While most of the smartphones are still to receive the latest Android Oreo update, Google has reportedly started planning its next Android update already. As a part of these plans, Google might just bring native call recording to its Android devices next. This is suggested by the recent identification of ‘Call recording tone’ in some of the recent commits to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The commits are available on the Android Open Source Project site since February 2 and reveal the support of a 1400Hz frequency tone that repeats every 15 seconds to notify the user on the other end of the phone call about the recording. Neowin spots that the frequency tone is available to “meet regulatory compliance requirements” which are subject to local regulations. Carriers also have an option to disable the tone, specifically made for the markets with no specific regulations for call recordings.

It is expected that the built-in Android P call recording feature will work with recording apps after getting the required permissions. Though it is not clear if Google will open the feature for app developers via APIs.

Google will announce the next version of its Android platform – Android P at the Google I/O Conference to be held later this year.

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