Apple iPhone 7 Available For Rs 7,777 With Airtel Postpaid Plan

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Bharti Airtel today announced the launch of its Online Store that will offer a range of premium smartphones with affordable down payments, instant credit verification and financing, and bundled monthly plans.

The Airtel Online Store is offering the iPhone 7 (32 GB) for a down payment of Rs 7,777 and 24 monthly instalments of Rs 2,499. The monthly instalments have a built-in high-end postpaid plan which offers 30 GB data, unlimited calling (local, STD, national roaming), and Airtel Secure package that covers the device against any physical damage and offers cyber protection.

Airtel’s Online Store launch is part of Project Next – Airtel’s digital innovation program aimed at transforming customer experience across all of its services and touch points. Airtel plans to invest up to Rs 2000 crores under Project Next to launch several exciting digital innovations to step change the simplicity and interactivity of the Airtel customer experience.

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All smartphones on the platform will come with down payments that are a fraction of the market price of the device and the convenience of easy monthly instalments with a built in postpaid plan. The postpaid plan will offer large bundles of data, unlimited calling and device protection package, allowing customers to enjoy the device to the fullest on India’s leading smartphone network.

Airtel has partnered with Apple Inc., HDFC Bank, Clix Capital, Seynse Technologies, Brightstar Telecommunications and Vulcan Express to enable the digital experience on its Online Store.

Airtel’s Online Store services are currently available to customers in 21 cities across India and will be expanded to other cities and towns soon.

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