Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, New MacBook Pro Leaked Before WWDC 2017

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A recent report suggests that Apple’s roadmap has been leaked by 3 Foxconn employees on a thread on Reddit. This took place a few days before Apple is set to start its WWDC to give the world a glimpse of what the company plans for the future.

The employees revealed information about Apple’s much awaited iPhone 7S, iPhone 8 and the Apple Smart glasses, Siri speaker and more.

Here is an overview of the information revealed by the insiders on Reddit:

According to the Foxconn insiders, the upcoming iPhone 8 is nothing like the previously leaked images and described it as “more like an iPhone 7 with glass and without the AuthenTec’s capacitive touch module.” They mentioned a thinner bezel on the Y-axis and even the re-orientation of the primary camera.

On specifications, they revealed that the iPhone 8 might come with a 3GB RAM without USB Type-C connectivity and that it might sport a composite glass as body for an added wireless charging feature. The phone is rumoured to be waterproof, just like the iPhone 7.

The fingerprint scanners on the test units of the iPhone 8 were reportedly placed under the glass but delivered a not-so-good performance. Yet the insiders had never seen a fingerprint scanner on the rear, suggesting a misinformation on this part previously doing the rounds.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 8 is said to feature Retina scanner and facial detection, inbuilt in the front camera module.

As per the insiders, the production for the iPhone 8 has been delayed.


The insiders mentioned the iPhone 7S to come with an aluminium unibody and without a wireless charging support.

Foxconn insiders mentioned a complete discontinuation of the MacBook Air line-up and a better version of the 12-inch MacBook Pro. They noted that the white Apple light which was discontinued in 2015 will be re-introduced and that the new MacBook designs will include “more glass and dark black body”.

They mentioned that the new MacBook Pros in the next 18-month range will not support any type of touch display apart from the Touchbar.

A full redesign is to be out for the iMac by next year, with a SOC and incremental updates, as per the Foxconn employees.

They also confirmed the rumours of a third-sized iPad.

Apple is to expected to reveal its home device powered by Siri soon but as per Foxconn employees, it might not be available until later this year.

They said that they had tested 3 designs for the device till date, one without camera and screen. As per them, the device will sport a modified A9 chip.

Apple has recently invested in Augmented Reality and as per the Foxconn Employees, will be coming up with AR glasses based on Zeiss smart optics and light sensor Accelerometer for tracking.

Reportedly in champagne, crystal and black colours, the glasses would come with a “small capacitive strip” on the arm which would allow users to answer calls and control volume.
Similarly, Siri could be used to make calls while using the device.

At an estimated market price of $600, there are chances that the project may never see the light of day as the batteries for the device are difficult to produce.

Watch this space for all the Apple updates during the WWDC 2017.