Are your machines learning how to be intelligent? Tell us about it

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M3 call for papers due to close on March 31

We can all marvel at what hyperscale operators and cutting edge academics are achieving. But at the M3 conference, brought to you by The Register and Heise, we’re just as interested in how the technology is finding its way into more traditional organisations and augmenting or even over-turning established ways of doing business.

Whether it’s using AI in health or finance, using machine learning to better understand your existing processes, or using chat bots to take the pressure off your call centre staff, we really want to hear what you’re doing.

If you’re constructing an entire new AI-based architectures from the ground up, using custom software tools and high-performance dedicated hardware, we’d love to hear about it. Likewise, if you’re using open source tools and libraries, and cloud-based platforms to augment your legacy systems.

And whether you’re targeting the world’s population, or just the robots on your production line, we’re really interested in how you’re tackling the ethical and societal issues AI and robotics are inevitably going to throw up.

And it’s not just us – it’s your fellow developers, engineers, architects and CIOs, who if they’re not getting projects up and running, are going to be starting to experiment very soon.

So, if you have proposals for conference sessions and workshops that illustrate the rapid advances in this field, head over to our call for papers now.

The conference will take place from October 9 to 11, at 30 Euston Square, Central London. This is a stunningly comfortable venue in which to ponder some of the most intellectually, and ethically, challenging issues facing the tech community today, and we really want you to join us. ®