Asus Zenfone 3 Max Lineup Gets Battery Extending PowerMaster App

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Asus has announced a new Software Upgrade via FOTA for the Zenfone Max lineup – the PowerMaster app. The new app will also be available for the older version of the Zenfone Max series.

The company says that the latest software comes loaded with nine battery-extending technologies to enhance the experience of the Zenfone series.

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Talking about the PowerMaster’s 2X Lifespan option, the feature is said to charge the phone intelligently to increase the number of charge cycles and decreases the loss of capacity from the usual 15 percent to 7 percent.

It is said to charge the battery while generating minimal heat.

Also, Zenfone 3 Max smartphones contain a reverse charging feature which allows charging of other USB Devices with an on the go (OTG) cable.

Furthermore, there is the Scan mode which assists in the optimisation of the smartphone’s battery. It caters a list of suggested optimisations that enable efficient power consumption.

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The PowerMaster app offers an array of battery modes. It has five different battery modes that allow battery saving capabilities, and two Smart Switches that are tailored to cater benefits suitable to the user.

The Last Longer feature displays a variety of options that allow the users to achieve maximum battery savings per charge by offering quick toggles that help with power conservation.