CIO Hall of Fame honorees

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CIO’s Hall of Fame celebrates outstanding personal achievement in IT, honoring the technology executives who, along with significant accomplishments in the field of IT,  have all demonstrated substantial business impact and technology vision within one or more organizations.

They have a reputation for leadership among their peers (or outside entities such as the media or industry experts) and have shown a positive influence on the IT profession and/or advancement of the CIO role. Previous successful nominees have been current CIOs with at least 10-15 years’ experience in CIO positions at mid-sized to large enterprises. 

The first step to get to the Hall is to fill out a brief form, which can be completed by the candidate or by someone else. Candidates who meet the criteria will be invited to fill out the final application, which includes short essay questions about past work experience, leadership accomplishments, awards and references. 

Below is a list of the 85 members of the CIO Hall of Fame, showing the year of their induction and their company affiliation at the time.

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Class of 2017

  • Phil Bertolini, CIO and Deputy County Executive, Oakland County, Michigan
  • Suja Chandrasekaran, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Kimberly-Clark
  • Phil Fasano, Executive Vice President and CIO (former), AIG
  • Tracy Futhey, CIO and Vice President of IT, Duke University
  • Clark Golestani, President, Emerging Business and Global CIO, Merck
  • Rick Hopfer, CIO, Molina Healthcare
  • Bask Iyer, Executive Vice President and CIO, Dell and VMware
  • Justin Kershaw, Corporate Vice President and CIO, Cargill
  • Catherine Kozik, Senior Vice President and CIO, PSAV
  • Anne Margulies, CIO, Harvard University
  • Paul Martin, Corporate Vice President and CIO, Baxter International
  • Harry Moseley, Managing Director and CIO, KPMG
  • Dan Olley, Executive Vice PresidentProduct Development and CTO, Elsevier
  • James Rinaldi, CIO, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Randal Robison, Senior Vice President and CIO, Georgia Pacific (retired)
  • Bill Schlough, Senior Vice President and CIO, San Francisco Giants
  • Wayne Shurts, Executive Vice President and CTO, Sysco
  • Frank Sirianni, Vice President and CIO, Fordham University
  • Mike Skinner, CIO and Member, Board of Directors, Eurpac Service
  • Gordon Wishon, CIO, Arizona State University

Class of 2016     

  • Mike Benson, AT&T Entertainment
  • Stephen Gold,CVS Health
  • Albert Hitchcock, Pearson, Inc.
  • Suresh Kumar, BNY Mellon
  • Donagh Herlihy  Bloomin’, Brands
  • Randy Sloan, Southwest Airlines
  • Robert Urwiler,  Vail Resorts

Class of 2015     

  • Rebecca JacobyCisco
  • Ina Kamenz, Eli Lilly
  • Tom Peck, AECOM
  • Chris Perretta, State Street Corp.
  • Steve Phillips, Avnet

Class of 2014     

  • Thaddeus Arroyo, AT&T
  • Chris Hjelm, Kroger, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Hackenson, AES Corp.
  • David Thompson, Western Union
  • Raymond Voelker, Progressive Insurance
  • Peter Weis, Matson Navigation

Class of 2013     

  • Kent Kushar, E&J Gallo
  • David Smoley, Flextronics
  • Teri Takai, U.S. Dept. of Defence

Class of 2012     

  • Helen Cousins, Lincoln Trust
  • Dana Deasy, BP Global
  • Alan Matula, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Thomas Nealon, J.C. Penney
  • Bill Oates, City of Boston
  • Stephanie Reel,Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • Steve Rubinow, FX Alliance
  • Tim Theriault, Walgreens
  • Dave Weick, McDonald’s

Class of 2010     

  • Tom Flanagan   
  • Frank Modruson, Accenture
  • Tom Murphy, AmeriSourceBergen
  • Filippo Passerini, P&G
  • Brent Stacey, Idaho National Laboratory

Class of 2009     

  • Asif Ahmad        
  • Jean-Michel Ares, Coca-Cola, Inc.
  • William Deam, Quintiles Transnational
  • David Johns, Owens-Corning
  • Tony Scott, Microsoft Corp.
  • Pat Skarulis, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Class of 2008     

  • Dave Barnes, UPS
  • June Drewry, The Chubb Insurance Group
  • Bruce Goodman, Humana
  • Patricia Lawicki, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Patricia Morrison, Motorola
  • Keith Morrow, Blockbuster
  • John Puckett, DuPont
  • Geir Ramleth, Bechtel Corp.
  • Andreas Resch, Bayer AG
  • Peter Walton, Hess Corp.
  • Robert Willett, Best Buy
  • Doreen Wright, Campbell Soup

Class of 2007     

  • Gregor Bailar, Capital One
  • John Boushy, Ameristar Casinos
  • Robert Carter, FedEx
  • Barbra Cooper, Toyota Motor Sales USA
  • Rick Dalzell,
  • John Doucette, United Technologies Corp.
  • Monte Ford, American Airlines
  • Jim Flyzik, The Flyzik Group
  • Paul Gaffney, Desktone
  • John Glaser, Partners Healthcare
  • Darwin John, Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints
  • David Kepler, Dow Chemical
  • Shaygan Kheradpir, Verizon
  • Dawn Lepore,
  • Randy Mott, Hewlett-Packard
  • Michael Prince, Burlington Coat Factory
  • Rebecca Rhoads, Raytheon
  • Ralph Szygenda, General Motors
  • Kevin Turner, Microsoft Corp.
  • Carl Wilson, Marriott International

Class of 1997     

  • John Cross, BP
  • David V. Evans, J.C. Penney
  • Charles Feld, The Feld Group
  • Cinda A. Hallman, DuPont Co.
  • Max D. Hopper, The Sabre Group
  • Katherine M. Hudson, W.H. Brady Co.
  • Donald R. Lasher, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
  • Bob L. Martin, Wal-Mart
  • DuWayne J. Peterson, Merrill Lynch
  • Ron J. Ponder, AT&T Corp.
  • Paul A. Strassmann, The Information Economics Press
  • Patricia M. Wallington, Xerox Corp.

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