Flipkart’s Billion Brand Launches Power Banks Starting at Rs 799

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Billion, the Made for India brand by Flipkart, launched its range of Power Banks, produced exclusively to address the unique needs of Indian customers. Designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in India, the power banks offer fast-charging, high-capacity A+ grade batteries and multiple safety features. Billion Power Banks go on sale exclusively on Flipkart from 30th Jan. Given India’s penchant for multitasking, Billion Power Banks provide up to 3 USB ports, which can be used to charge not just mobiles, but Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches. Each of these ports also supports 5V/2.1A charging, a feature typically available in higher-priced power banks.
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Powered by high-capacity A+ grade Lithium-ion batteries, Billion’s Power Banks come with 5V/2.1A USB ports, that claims to charge twice as fast as regular 5V/1A power banks. These batteries lose less than 3-4% charge when idle for one month. These batteries also made to last longer for India, with up to 500 charge/discharge cycles. Billion’s Power Banks are light to carry as well starting at just 260g, they are up to 13% lighter than top-selling power banks, making it a valuable yet lightweight addition to one’s bag during commutes. They also offer 7-way safety features, including Undervoltage and overvoltage protection not just while discharging, but while charging the power bank as well. These features have been built in keeping in mind voltage fluctuations in many Indian homes that shorten the life of electronics. They also have in-built temperature protection, which protects the power bank from overheating while charging your devices, and short-circuit protection, which cuts off charging/discharging to protect the device.

With a capacity of up to 15000 mAh, a Billion Power Bank can fully charge a 4000 mAh phone 2.7 times before needing to be recharged, as claimed by the company. Another made-for-India feature is a handy torch light, for ease of use in case of a power cut. All the power banks come with a one-year in-home service warranty. Billion Power Banks will be available in two capacities, exclusively on Flipkart. The 10,000 mAh power banks, available in Copper and Black colours, are priced at Rs 799. The 15,000 mAh power banks, available in Rose Gold and Black colours, are priced at Rs 999.
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