Flying Cars Made Real by Silicon Valley Startup ‘Kitty Hawk’

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A Silicon Valley startup named Kitty Hawk might just be on its way to create history by inventing a flying car-like vehicle.

As seen in a recent video released by the company, the flying invention of the firm was taken for a test-ride by an outdoor sports enthusiast Cimeron Morrissey.

Morrissey writes excitedly about her experience in a blog as she mentions how she had never even flown a toy helicopter before and it still took her only a few hours of flight simulator training to learn to control the flyer. She also mentions that the flyer does not require any license to fly.

Morrissey became one of the first people to test ride the Kitty Hawk Flyer. As per her report, the Kitty Hawk Flyer prototype felt “a lot like a flying motorcycle”.

The 100 percent electric powered Flyer takes off and lands vertically, just like a helicopter. To manoeuvre it, the rider needs to lean forward and use controls built into its handlebars which seem to be similar to that of a video game controller.

Running on 8 rotors, the Flyer can also take-off and land over water bodies, given to the two pontoons below it.

Morrissey used knobs on the handlebars to move the Flyer across the lake. A knob called ‘Pitch’ was used to move the Flyer front and back while another named ‘Yaw’ allowed rotation of the Flyer at a stationary point.

Cimeron Morrissey described the experience as “like snowboarding in a gully” as she reached to speeds of 25 miles per hour while riding the Flyer 10 feet over the Northern California lake.

She mentions that the Flyer will be available by the end of 2017 and will be differently designed than the prototype.

Yet, the design of the Flyer does not hold as much importance as the revolutionary technology that the company has brought. We can just hope that the technology giants across the world working on ‘flying cars’ can build up more on the final product once it is out.