Geospatial World Forum 2018: Global Location Technology Prowess at Full Display

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Geospatial World Forum 2018 has begun in Hyderabad International Convention Centre and will be held from January 17 to 18. The event focuses on the locational information and its applications across the globe for various purposes. The event is being attended by global experts in geospatial technology from across various verticals like remote sensing, telecommunication, satellites and others.

The event aims to bring together all these players at a single platform to provide intra-industry exposure and discuss their respective progress and decide upon a common future through technology and ideas exchange. The event has been kicked off with an inaugural ceremony on January 17 wherein the opening speaker, Dean Angelis, Corporate Director, International/ Alliances/ Partners – ESRI, USA informs the attendees of the importance of locational information and how the world is moving towards a complete dependence on Maps and locational services.

He says “across the world, Maps and locational based apps are the most used ones.” On a similar note, Amy Minnick, Sr. Vice President, Digital Globe, USA, adds “4 the industrial revolution is characterized by the integration of physical and digital data.” As the event goes on, a list of speakers from the world over will be sharing their own on agendas on geospatial information and how they are applying the same to their services. Stay tuned for more stories from the Geospatial World Forum as former ISRO chairman – AS Kiran Kumar and other such veterans of the industry share their knowledge on the importance of locational information.

The Geospatial World Forum has previously been held in Amsterdam, Geneva, Lisbon and Rotterdam.

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