Google Brings Pacman on Google Maps on April Fool’s Day

4 years ago admin Comments Off on Google Brings Pacman on Google Maps on April Fool’s Day

Just like every year, Google has got in store a peppy present for its users for April 1. The ‘April Fool’ gimmick that Google releases every year has found its way to the Google Maps yet again.

Google Maps users can now play Ms. Pacman on their smartphone app. Just open up the Google Maps app and tap on the pink coloured Ms. Pacman face that appears above the ‘Re-centre’ icon on the bottom right.

This will instantly transform the map to a Pacman stage and will let users play the iconic Pacman game on ‘real-word’ streets. The game relocates the map to some random region in the world with 5 lives given to the user to outrun the ghosts. The instructions are simple. Swipe in the direction in which you want to move, collect berries, eat up the dots without getting caught and you win.

This is another of the software giant’s witty attempt at humouring its user base on a particular occasion. The often changing Google Doodle is a constant reminder of the artistic side of Google and with such games on its apps, we can only hope for more from the company.