Hot news! Combustible Galaxy Note 7 to return as ‘Galaxy Note FE’

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What could FE stand for? Fried Ears? Fearful Explosions? Flaming Emissions?

Several of the infamous phablets burst into flames, leading airlines to ban the device and Samsung to recall the device. Doing so saw the company’s balance sheet flame out.

Samsung’s review of the device found it had put battery-makers’ feet to the fire in an effort to get them making batteries worthy of Samsung’s all-day-operation ambitions, but that in so doing it pushed them beyond their capabilities.

That finding left Samsung with perfectly good phones wanting only a non-explosive battery, so it planned a fire sale to offload the remaining stock.

Reports from Korean newswire Yonhap and the Wall Street Journal suggest the device will re-appear next week as the “Galaxy Note FE”. That’s FE for “Fandom Edition”. Not “Fried Ears” or “Fear Explosions”.

Yonhap says it’ll be priced “below 700,000 won (US$616)”, a price tag for a recent phablet capable of Fuelling Excitement. ®

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