Keep your hands on the f*cking wheel! New Tesla update like being taught to drive by your dad

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Plus: Brit driver claims Autopilot almost took car off the road

The patch, 2018.21.9, contained a number of tweaks to address safety concerns with the Autopilot software, which Tesla trumpeted as the first step on the path to fully self-driving cars.

Users, unfortunately, have often bought into the dream a little too wholeheartedly and failed to read the small print. Drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road – because Autopilot isn’t an actual autopilot. It’s more of a jumped-up cruise control at this stage.

Due in part to some high-profile incidents caused by users relying a little heavily on their electronic buddy-under-the-hood, the new software now nags drivers every 30 seconds to keep their hands on the wheel.

Drivers have found this somewhat vexing, with one getting an explanation from His Muskiness himself:

However, users in Tesla’s own forums have had an altogether more alarming experience, with one UK driver claiming that his 2018 Model S tried to swerve off to one side on an A road (a two-lane undivided highway for our readers abroad).

Poster “justin” shared:

Other Tesla drivers soon chimed in with similar experiences since the software update was installed.

In between complaining about the media being horrid to him, Musk has promised an August update to Autopilot with fixes. The update would also ominously signal the beginning of a rollout of “full self-driving”.

Wisely, Musk did not give a timeline for when totally autonomous Teslas would be roaming the roads.

The Register has contacted Tesla for comment on the forum reports, but has received no response as yet. ®

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