LeEco Plans Smartphone With 18:9 Aspect Ratio: Report

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Troubled Chinese company LeEco is reportedly gearing up to launch a smartphone with a 18:9 aspect ratio design. Images of LeEco’s new full-screen device have been spotted on China’s social media website Weibo.

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“With a full-screen design, it is said to go by the name ‘Le X’,” tech website GizmoChina reported. The device was also seen with curved edges at both the front and back and the screen-to-body ratio was also high.

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There is a dual-camera setup consisting of two vertically arranged sensors with dual-LED (dual-tone) flash. The overall design of the handset is indicative of a product meant to compete in the upper mid-range segment of the market, according to Android Headlines.

After a rapid expansion at the end of 2016, LeEco started falling behind in paying its suppliers and the staff began leaving the company. The company later suspended trading of its stock in April last year. It also disposed of 28.8 per cent share in Coolpad, which is now on its own in China as well as India. LeEco shut operations in India last year.

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