Lenskart.com Ties up With Truecaller to Improve Customer Service

3 years ago admin Comments Off on Lenskart.com Ties up With Truecaller to Improve Customer Service

Lenskart.com announced a strategic collaboration with Truecaller. The partnership between Lenskart.com and Truecaller for its Truecaller Priority feature is aimed at enhancing the experience of the end customers by helping them identify important calls regarding their orders on Lenskart.com.

Lenskart.com offers services such as the 3-D Try On, Home eye check-up, etc. There are customers who place orders on the website but do not provide their lens power. This makes it important for Lenskart to make follow-up calls to such customers for noting the lens power in order to deliver the right product.

The integration will enable the unique Lenskart number used for follow-ups to appear with the label ‘Lenskart Order Info’ and will appear as a ‘Priority call’ on the Truecaller interface, making it easier for users to recognise the relevant communication from Lenskart.

The performance of this integration will be measured in terms of improved customer satisfaction (NPS), faster order processing, lower cancellations, and refunds.

Following the partnership, Truecaller priority will also help Lenskart.com to standardise the look and display the company contact information flashing on Truecaller users mobile. It will help customers to identify a call from Lenskart.com representative and will help the brand gain a stable status on TrueCaller.