Mastercard Unveils Credit Cards With Fingerprint Identification

4 years ago admin Comments Off on Mastercard Unveils Credit Cards With Fingerprint Identification

Mastercard, the global credit card provider has unveiled a new-age credit card that features a fingerprint sensor embedded into the card.

As per reports, the fingerprint sensor will work in the exact same manner as it does on a smartphone.

The users will have to place their finger on the sensor while making a purchase.

The new payment card has undergone two successful trails in South Africa till date.

Security Experts debate whether the feature is a step ahead in increasing security measures for digital payments, or if it is another hackable cure to the risk.

The general notion agrees that the feature comes as a wise use of biometric identification but is still not fully secure.

Hackers have been targeting fingerprints of users since a while now, through images showing fingers of the user, or leftover fingerprints on a glass or any such material.

The credit cards by Mastercard are the first to support such a feature. While the fingerprint feature will work on a point-of-sale, it has not been designed to make online transactions as yet.