Meet Parihug: This Wi-Fi Soft Toy Will Let You Hug Loved Ones Miles Away

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What to do if you want to hug somebody who is miles away from you? Now, there is an idea of a soft toy that connects to the internet and lets you share hugs.

It’s pretty common to gift soft toys to people whom you love. While you shower all the affection to the fluffy toy thinking about that special person, that toy doesn’t love you back. Parihug wants to change this.

“Parihug makes internet connected stuffed toys that let you hug loved ones from anywhere in the world,” says 20-year-old robotics engineer Xyla Foxlin, the CEO and founder of Parihug.

So, how does this virtual yet somewhat real hugging works? You and your dear one need to have Pari or two separate soft toys. “When one Pari is hugged, its paired pal vibrates out the hug in real-time. The harder you squeeze, the more your love one will feel the hug,” adds Foxlin in her Kickstarter video. Interestingly, if both of you hug the soft toy together at the same time, you can even feel the heart beats miles way.

The Pari soft toy comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So, it can be paired to a smartphone or can be connected over the home Wi-Fi. There is an app as well to manage it. Surprisingly, you can even wash this soft toy after you have removed the electronics from it.

Parihug began as a hackathon project built by Xyla Foxlin and Harshita Gupta in September 2015. Parihug has raised more than $42,000 since launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. According to the company, the Kickstarter campaign will close upon reaching 1000 units sold in order to insure holiday delivery, or on May 17.

“Our Kickstarter campaign has proven a strong demand in the mostly untested market of tele-intimacy” said Foxlin, “This will allow us to launch our first product and continue research in the field of emotional technology.”