Microsoft ‘Photos Companion’ App For iOS And Android to Make Phone to PC Transfer Easier

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Photos Companion, an experimental app that could help students swiftly transfer media files from device to PC via wifi, is now available for iOS and Android user feedback.

Described by Microsoft, as an “experimental app,” Photos Companion is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and Google Play for Android devices. Once installed, the app is supposed to directly transfer photos and videos from phone to PC over Wifi.

It requires just a few simple steps. Click ‘Import’ then ‘From mobile over Wi-Fi’, which then presents a QR that the user scans, finally select the photos or videos for transfer and voila!

Photos Companion is part of a ‘Microsoft Garage project’ that allows the company’s employees to release experimental apps. The photo team has been working on this project for months with the intent for it to work with the Windows 10 built-in photo app. And although most people already have various ways of importing photos to their computers or clouds, this particular one was created with educational use in mind, as schools often struggle with getting photos that students have taken for projects onto the school’s computers.

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As for other developments, Microsoft is continuously bridging the gap between users and developers. In 2014 the company released Windows Insider, an open software testing program that allows users with a valid Windows 10 license or Windows Server 2016 to sign up for pre-release builds of their operating system.

This week the company released two new Windows previews, the RS4 branch that will likely come out in the first half of the year and the RS5 branch, which may come a few months later. It has also launched Windows App Preview Program, allowing Windows fans to have a look at previews of individual apps. Microsoft indicates the “first-wave of the program” will likely include Feedback Hub, Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Microsoft Tips, Paint 3D, Windows Alarms & Clock, Windows Calculator, Windows Camera, Windows Mixed Reality Viewer and Windows Voice Recorder.

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