Mini-VODAFAIL hits Australia

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Vodafone’s network wasn’t talking for a few hours on Wednesday

Now the carrier has again experienced a too-big-to-miss network issue, after customers Australia-wide struggled to make calls today.

Your correspondent couldn’t make calls from around 12:00 to 14:00, despite my phone rating radio signal at four out of five bars.

The carrier quickly moved to assure customers all would soon be well.

And Lo! A couple of hours later, things were back to normal. Just in time for your correspondent to jump on a conference call!

Vodafone will be hoping this was a one-off, as its 2010 problems cost it hundreds of thousands of customers, then required an extensive and expensive network rebuild. The carrier has since clawed back most of those customers, but has also endured a seven-hour outage in September 2016 and a shorter mess in 2014.

Reliability is especially important to the company at this time, because it will soon offer terrestrial broadband services on Australia’s National Broadband Network. It can ill-afford more outages or brown-outs in the lead-up to that launch, lest it again acquire a reputation for unreliable service. ®