New research lab Y2 says ‘prototype or die’

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A new research and prototyping lab, Y2, is opening its doors today, taking a leaf out of MIT’s Media Lab and its ‘prototype or die’ philosophy.

Independent creative agency The Royals, supported by founding research partner Deakin University, said the lab’s program will explore the fields of creative and communication technology, including artificial intelligence, conversational experiences and the future of journalism.

“The partnership between Deakin and The Royals started as a simple commercial proposition. Deakin needed a creative agency, and the Royals put the best pitch to help Deakin build its innovative brand in higher education,” Deakin’s Professor of internet Studies Matt Allen said.

“Very soon the partnership became something more. Dave King, from the Royals, sought from Deakin a more in-depth relationship, for a new kind of creative R & D partnership, one that would bring the dynamism of the creative agency into alliance with the depth of research talent available at a university.

“The partnership is a sign of how the business of research and education is changing to meet the needs of Australia’s future success in creative design and invention. “

A ‘prototype or die’ philosophy guides the Y2 approach, as researchers from a range of fields are given space for creative invention that brings their traditional disciplines to contemporary problems and opportunities. This cross-disciplinary, prototype-driven approach has produced large numbers of technologies overseas that have become products and services over the past 30 years.

“Every client or organisation we know seems like they are being challenged to act like something they’re not, to look a little bit sideways in directions they haven’t looked before or to explore places they haven’t previously needed to,” Y2 director Dave King said.

“We all need to continually remind ourselves what it is we do best as an organisation, but now importantly, we also need to continually reimagine the products, services and experiences they put in front of their customers. Y2 was created to help companies do exactly that.

“Our research and prototyping methodology allows our clients, collaborators and researchers to come together to rapidly devise new solutions to important problems. We incorporate aspects of creative technology and emerging media forms to explore these opportunities.”

Applications for the first Y2 Media Lab Research Residency are now open.

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