Online Gaming Industry in India to Reach $1 Billion by 2021: Report

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The online gaming industry in India is expected to gain momentum and grow to US$1 billion by 2021, from the current US$360 million, at a growth rate of 20% ,says ‘Online Gaming In India:2021’ report released by Google India and KPMG highlighting the growth opportunities in the digital gaming industry in India.

With an 117 percent spike in searches for online games by Indians, it is estimated that the current online gamer base of 120 million gamers in 2016 will grow to 310 million by 2021.

As per the report, an average gamer spends one-third of online entertainment wallet on games while 25 percent of gamers don’t associate a value paying for a game.

75 percent of gamers in India have phone below Rs 20,000 and more than 50 percent of gamers are influenced by referral and peer group.

Coming on the type of gamers in India, young players play up to 6 different games simultaneously. While casual gamers opt more for puzzle games, heavy gamers dominate strategy games.

2X growth was seen in online gaming searches in 2017 out of which 70 percent of searches came from mobile devices.

The report also suggests that Indian online gaming industry will be $1 billion market due to the increasing localization, rising digital payments, and smartphone penetration.