Putting AI to work in finance? Think algorithms, ethics first

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More speakers join MCubed Lineup

Dr Catherine Flick, of De Montfort University, will be talking ethics and morals, and while she doesn’t promise “any easy answers…you will leave with some strategies to help you think these problems through and make your own (responsible) decision.”

Jan Hendrick Witte’s background spans the academic and commercial worlds, meaning he is superbly qualified to discuss the opportunities and limitations of deep learning and AI in finance, and what to look for in an AI trader.

And with algorithms central to ML, Graphcore’s research director Carlo Luschi will be talking you through the core algorithms you and your team need to understand.

They join a line-up that brings together both theoretical and practical experience, to show you how you can apply tools and methodologies to allow your business or organisation to take advantage of ML, AI and advanced analytics to solve the problems you face today and will face tomorrow. You can see the full lineup here.

This all comes together at 30 Euston Square in Central London between October 9 and 11.

As well as being easy to get to, this is simply a really pleasant environment in which to enjoy the presentations, AND discuss them on the sidelines with your fellow attendees and the speakers. Of course, we’ll ensure there’s plenty of top notch food and drink to fuel you through the formal and less formal parts of the programme.

Tickets will be limited, so if you want to ensure your place, head over to our website and snap up your early bird ticket now. ®