Putting (machine) learning and (artificial) intelligence to work

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If you don’t, the competition will

If you’re just beginning to examine what machine learning, AI and advanced analytics can do for your organisation – or your competitors’ – we’ll be covering the technologies and techniques that every business needs to know.

But we’ll also be going deep on practice, with speakers from companies like Ocado, OpenTable and ASOS as well as experts who’ve worked with real businesses to get projects up and running.

And of course, we’ll be taking a close-up look at specific technologies and techniques, such as TensorFlow or Graph Analysis, in advanced conference sessions, and our optional day three workshops.

Throughout, our aim is to show you how you can apply tools and methodologies to allow your business or organisation to take advantage of ML, AI and advanced analytics to solve the problems you face today, as well as prepare you for tomorrow.

None of this happens in a vacuum of course, so we’ll also be looking at the organisational, ethical and legal implications of rolling out these technologies. And yes, we will be taking a look at robotics and driverless cars and whacking great lasers.

It’s a mind and business expanding lineup, and you’ll be pleased to know this all takes place at 30 Euston Square in Central London between October 9 and 11.

As well as being easy to get to, this is simply a really pleasant environment in which to enjoy the presentations, and discuss them on the sidelines with your fellow attendees and the speakers. Of course, we’ll ensure there’s plenty of top notch food and drink to fuel you through the formal and less formal parts of the programme.

Tickets will be limited, so if you want to ensure your place, head over to our website and snap up your early-bird ticket now. ®