Real brains discuss artificial brains in real-world London

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First tranche of M3 2017 speakers announced

We’ll be gathering a wide range of experts together at 30 Euston Square from October 9 to 11, who will help you not just grasp the potential of these technologies, but show you how they’ve put them into practice in real-world businesses.

Our keynote speakers, professor Mark Bishop of Goldsmiths, University of London, and Google’s Melanie Warrick, will set the tone.

Mark’s career has spanned academic breakthroughs from (arguably) the first computational swarm intelligence (SI) paradigm, to advising the United Nations on the control of “killer robots,” to applying AI to fraud detection and procurement.

Melanie is a senior developer advocate at Google, and her career has included work as a founding engineer on Deeplearning4j as well as work implementing machine learning (ML) in production at

Our conference programme will include introductory sessions covering key concepts and platforms for those in the early stages of adopting and adapting ML, advanced analytics and AI.

For those already down the path, we’ll have deeper dives into key tools and how they’re being used in organisations from retail to online commerce, research, and of course, transport. And everyone will benefit from sessions covering the ethical, legal and management contexts around ML, AI and associated technologies.

We’ll even take a few glimpses into the wilder possibilities offered by these potentially revolutionary technologies. Throughout, the focus will be on how ML and AI can be applied in real businesses and organisations, a theme that will be carried on in our day-three workshop lineup.

These are mind-stretching and occasionally mind-blowing topics, so you’ll be glad to know we’ll enjoy a supply of high-quality food and drink to keep you going in the conference sessions, and to oil those crucial offline conversations with the speakers and your fellow attendees.

To see the lineup so far, and grab those all-important early bird tickets, head over to the M3 website now. ®