Reliance Jio Prime Membership Deadline Extended Till April 15: All You Need to Know

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Reliance Jio Prime Membership offer was set to expire today. Late in the evening, Jio Announced that the deadline for taking up Jio Prime membership is now extended now till April 15, 2017.

Jio Prime adoption is seeing great enthusiasm and the company announced that already it has crossed the 72 million mark and is headed to 100 percent unique users. Also, reports say enthusiasm is more in the smaller cities for the Jio Prime plan.

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To be a Jio Prime member, users are required to pay a one-time subscription fee of Rs 99 for the entire year. Also, to avail unlimited benefits like the ‘Happy New Year’ plan, you will have to pay a minimum of Rs 303 per month.

Several tech reports suggest that using the Jio SIM card on the first slot in dual SIM phones offer better internet speeds and coverage.

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The Rs 303 Jio Prime plan offers unlimited free voice calls, free unlimited SMS, access to Jio apps along with 28 days validity. While data is also unlimited, users will receive 4G speeds for 28GB data only, after which the speed will slow down. Also, there is a daily FUP of 1GB. This means you will get 4G speeds for 1GB data consumption daily only for 28 days with the Rs 303 Jio Prime plan.

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If 1GB free data daily on 4G speeds is not good enough you can opt for the Rs 499 Jio Prime plan which offers a daily FUP on 4G speeds of 2GB for 28 days. To get rid of the FUP altogether, users can opt for the Rs 999 Jio Prime Plan, which offers 60GB 4G data with 60 days validity without any FUP.

There are other plans for Rs 1,999, Rs 4,999 and Rs 9,999 with 90 days, 180 days and 360 days validity and 125GB, 350GB, and 750GB data respectively without any FUP.

In case, you are using a Jio Prime plan without FUP and run out of data midway, you can always opt for booster packs ranging between Rs 11 and Rs 301 with 0.1GB to 10GB data.

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You might be thinking of not opting for the Rs 99 Jio Prime membership and committing at least Rs 303 monthly and prefer to be on the Non-Prime plan. While this serves to subscribers wanting only free voice calls and data, for mobile internet users, it could be expensive. For mobile internet users, Jio Prime plans offer at least double the data (in terms of GB) when compared to Non-Prime Jio plans.

You will have to recharge for Rs 99 (Jio Prime membership) before March 31 from MyJio, JioMoney, or any of the nearest retailer. Note that to be a Jio Prime member, you will have to sign up now before April 15. Also, to be a Jio Prime member, you will have to choose a combo pack along with it. The easy way to browse through plans is to do so on the MyJio app.

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