Road Test: iRobot Braava Jet

3 years ago admin Comments Off on Road Test: iRobot Braava Jet

What is it? Great news for bone-idle people with sticky floors (not that we’re judging). It’s a mopping robot!

Nice. Yeah. It’s especially nice to put your feet up with a magazine and a cuppa while it toils away.

How do you work it? Charge it up, insert a cleaning pad, fill it with water and press the “Clean” button.

Sounds a bit like an order. Well, it is an order. And the robot will obey, spraying, vibrating and “intelligently navigating” around obstacles. It’ll do up to 20sqm – and then return to its starting position and power down.

Anything else? Yes, iRobot rodeo is totally out of the question. “Do not sit or stand on this device,” tut-tuts the manual. “Your robot is not a toy.”

Well, quite. It’s more like a servant. Indeed, it’s one of a growing breed of domestic robots doing our menial tasks. Anyone else suspect they’re just biding their time until the day they rise up and enslave us all?