Sachin Says His Second Innings is Here – SRTphone Set to Launch

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Everything Sachin touches is gold. After all, the man is God! This time around, he is seen in a video for an India based IoT company, Smartron talking about what he calls is his second innings. Smartron is all set to launch a phone, the srtphone that’s inspired by Sachin. He is all smiles about this unique tribute and dedicates it to his fans!

Set to launch on 3rd May, the srtphone comes with the tagline ‘Mastery at the Core’ drawing parallels to Sachin’s incredible overall skill in the game. The device is powered by an exclusive Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC apart from other interesting features. Best of all, the phone is designed, engineered and made in India.

The srtphone will be a Jio certified VoLTE ready phone and is expected to have the highest SAR value in its price range. The pricing of the phone is still tightly under wraps, but if one were to guess, the phone is a mid range phone with high end specs, so Rs.15000 or less.

A series of tweets revealed that the phone is all set to launch exclusively with one of the biggest names in the Indian ecommerce – Flipkart (check out the teaser webpage). For now, hold tight for a dose of Sachin in a form you’d not expected. Well, delivering the unexpected has always been the Master Blaster’s style!

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