Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+: Drop Test Video Doubts Durability

3 years ago admin Comments Off on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+: Drop Test Video Doubts Durability

New drop test test videos of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones suggest that users need to be extra careful with the all-glass beauties. Interestingly, the rear glass panel is more fragile when compared to the front glass of the display. So, if you are buying the S8 or S8+, do not forget to invest in a good quality back cover to protect your S8 or S8+ against accidental falls.

In a YouTube video by Square Trade, both the S8 and S8+ suffered several cracks on the front as well as the back glass from just one 6-feet drop on the sidewalk.

“S8 is the first phone we’ve tested that’s cracked on the first drop on all sides,” the video said. Ironically, the smartphones are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The drop tests were conducted by robots.

“We found that 89 percent of Samsung owners reported having a positive view of the brand despite recent controversies, and 36 percent plan on buying an S8 in the next six months,” said the video.

The all-glass S8 and S8+ are slippery to hold. With no screen replacement warranty, the repair cost could be upwards of Rs 20,000 in India. Also, it would be difficult to find tempered glass protection for the curved glass display phones.

In a CNET report, SquareTrade’s global creative director Jason Siciliano advised consumers, “Just don’t drop it.”