Sonam Wangchuk: Degrees From ‘Cambridges’ Cannot Solve India’s Rural Problems [VIDEO]

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“Though everything around us has changed drastically in the last 150 years almost nothing has changed in our classrooms across schools and colleges. We need to revisit the theoretical approach and bring in a more experiential way of learning where students not only become employable and skilled but also focus on applying their learnings to solve real life issues of people. It is indeed sad that although India has given to the world techniques like yoga and vipassana, today it is itself chasing after IBs, Cambridges and Harvards of the world, who unfortunately are themselves ill-equipped to tackle the challenges facing the planet,” says Sonam Wangchuk, engineer, innovator and education reformist.

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Sonam Wanghchuk, a year ago, launched a campaign to support an alternative university for high-altitude lifestyle called Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL). He had appealed to the nation to help raise half of the Rs 14 crore rupees initial target that will be needed to start the first school of the HIAL alternative university. “Of the 7 crore target on Milaap over Rs. 4.6 crores have been raised with contributions from over 1000 individuals in their personal capacity and some corporate donations,” said Wangchuk . He expects to reach the Rs 14 crore-mark through CSR activities.

While Wangchuk hopes to raise Rs 150 crore by 2020 for the ambitious HIAL Alternative University, the first school still waits to meet the target of Rs 7 crore to start. For those unaware, Wangchuk has been actively engaged in the educational reforms in the Ladakh region for the past 25 years.


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