Speaking in Tech: Elon Musk and the AI apocalypse

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Plus: Vegemite. Don’t slather it on. Just a smear

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This week the techcasters tackle rumors of Citrix being sold, the coming AI apocalypse, WhatsApp encryption and Deepak Chopra tweets as well as special interviews with Greg Mulholland of VMware and Simon Sharwood of The Register.

The details…

  • (00:10) Things not to do when you travel
  • (04:45) In defense of vegemite… and the state of IT in Australia
  • (08:06) Spitting podcasters
  • (12:13) Dell EMC World around the corner
  • (14:05) Rumors: Microsoft and Citrix hookup
  • (18:18) Elon Musk and the AI apocalypse
  • (22:14) The Donald Trump of tech
  • (29:27) WhatsApp encryption under fire
  • (37:50) Deepak Chopra tweets or BS?
  • (41:26) Simon Sharwood interview from Melbourne VMUG

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

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