Twitter Garners 240,000 Budget-related Tweets in January

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In the run up to the Union Budget, Twitter witnessed a surge in budget-related conversations, garnering over 240,000 tweets in January which is twice the volume than in December last year, the company said on Thursday.

Twitter also announced that a series of live activations for the #Budget2018 with the Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) would stream highlights on the platform.

Over the next two days, people will be able to watch the #Budget2018 speech from Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley (@arunjaitley), participate in the live Q&A with the Minister at #AskYourFM and join in the budget verdict discussions on Twitter.

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“Twitter is the best and fastest place to see what’s happening in India and around the world. #Budget2018 is an important national conversation and we are proud to live stream the updates on Twitter and propel the discussion on the platform,” said Amrita Tripathi, News Partnerships, Twitter India.

People who prefer a more data-friendly way to access the #Budget2018 conversation can follow the hashtags and accounts via Twitter Lite. Twitter Lite is a data-friendly, mobile web experience where users will be able to get the same real-time updates on #Budget2018 with click-to-play options for videos and images.

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People can search #Budget2018, #Budget, #UnionBudget2018, #UnionBudget, #GST, among others to follow the budget related posts and conversations.

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