Uber Update Lets Riders Change Pick-up Location After Booking Ride

3 years ago admin Comments Off on Uber Update Lets Riders Change Pick-up Location After Booking Ride

Uber today announced that riders can now update their pick up location after they’ve requested a ride if they happened to request from the wrong place. With this new feature, riders can now redirect their driver partner to correct location through the app, even when the driver is en-route.

“Pick-ups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they’re especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place. It often begins with a phone call and ends with a cancelled ride. A small miscue can lead to a frustrating situation where riders aren’t riding, and drivers aren’t earning,” said Ryan Yu, Software Engineer and Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US & Canada at Uber in a blog post.

Starting today, riders in India, on iOS and android, can update their pickup location after they’ve booked a ride. This feature has been piloted in a handful of cities and the company claims to have found that it led to fewer cancellations. This feature will be made available to all riders across the India in the coming weeks.

How it works:

● Once your driver is en route, tap “edit” next to your pickup location

● Enter your new pickup address, and tap “confirm”

Once a rider updates their pickup location, drivers will:

● Be notified of the new location and have their route updated, though the experience will vary slightly for in-app and out-of-app navigation.