UP Govt Considers Using Smartphone App to Track Lekhpal Work

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To make revenue officers more accountable, the Uttar Pradesh government is mulling to provide them smart-phones with an app through which they can upload information about their villages and superiors can track their location.

This was announced yesterday by state agriculture minister Surya Pratap Shahi at a Pension Mela in Tarkulwa block here. “The BJP government will provide CUG (Closed User Groups) number smart-phones through the agriculture department to lekhpals (revenue officers). In these, smart-phones there will be an app, which will help the lekhpals to upload all the information pertaining to their village“ he said.

He further added “The officers concerned will also be able to know the location of the lekhpals, and the lekhpals cannot give any excuses.” The app on the smart-phone would enable lekhpals to provide relevant information to parties concerned, Shahi said.

“These smart-phones would be made available by May-June by the agriculture department,” the minister said, further adding “The UP government is helping everyone without making any discrimination. Instead of religion and caste, the poverty status of people has been made the criteria.

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