Videocon Krypton 22 With VoLTE Support Launched For Rs 7,200

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Videocon Smartphone is set to introduce its Krypton 22, which comes with the latest version of Android, IR Blaster for controlling third-party appliances & electronics, OTG support for USB connectivity for pen-drives and other USB-powered accessories and a slim design.

Powered with 2GB of RAM and MiraVision Display, the Krypton 22 also gives the user VoLTE & VoWifi access.

Krypton 22 comes with the VoWifi feature which allows a user to use the same phone number and the same smartphone dialer interface while making a call over the cellular network or over any WiFi network.

The IR Blaster embedded into the Krypton 22 can control Televisions, set-top boxes, fans, Stereo sound systems, Air conditioners, DVD players etc. without their remote control, from the Krypton 22 itself.

Krypton 22 also allows the user to access hybrid pen drives and SD cards and comes with a pre-installed app- Shoto, which automatically organises photos & videos into albums and enables discovery with photos that friends take. With Shoto, users get a free backup on the cloud.

Krypton 22 comes with SOS-Be-Safe and panic button. The SOS-Be-Safe feature allows users to alert their dear ones and inform them of user’s exact location in case of emergencies. The handset also offers 1-year subscription of Eros Now & 1 full version Gameloft game.

Videocon Krypton 22 will be available in market at Rs of Rs. 7,200.