Whatsapp May Stop Working For Windows Phone Users With Upcoming Update

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Windows Phone users are set for a news from Whatsapp soon. Good or Bad? Let’s find out.

Whatsapp wrote on its official blog last year that it was going to end its services for some smartphone devices by June 30, 2017. This list included Windows 7 phones as well.

Whatsapp had mentioned that these devices were not capable of supporting its latest updates, placing this as the primary reason for this discontinuity.

While some Windows phone users might experience this setback, others might get a surprising Whatsapp update.

Leaked screenshots of a beta software, version 2.17.86, show that the app might show a more detailed information of chats. This update is aimed at the devices running on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Along with this, Whatsapp might bring a ‘Size’ feature which would indicate the amount of memory of the phone that each Whatsapp chat is consuming.

The feature also includes a display of the total media files shared.

As of now, these features are only available for Beta testers.

Whatsapp recently rolled out its ‘Status’ feature on the Android and iOS devices. The major update received mixed reactions from Whatsapp users as it tweaked the concept of the instant messaging app and introduced a social media tangent to it.

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