WhatsApp ‘Recall’ Update to Delete Sent Messages May Come Soon

5 months ago admin Comments Off on WhatsApp ‘Recall’ Update to Delete Sent Messages May Come Soon

WhatsApp users might be in for a treat as the much-awaited feature to delete sent messages on the chat platform might be rolling out soon.

As per reports, WhatsApp is set to bring out certain updates and one of them is the ability to delete, or as WhatsApp calls it, ‘Recall’ the sent messages to other users.

For this, the user simply has to tap on the message that they wish they did not send and then click on the ‘recall’ option. Reports also suggest that the option to recall may be limited to messages sent within the previous 5 minutes.

Meaning, if you have sent an unintentional message, you can recall it within the 5 minutes of sending the message.

The ‘Recall’ feature is ‘hidden’ on WhatsApp as of now and will only be rolled out to the general public once it has been tested enough and is found to be bug-free.

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