WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Send Over 200 Contacts At Once

4 years ago admin Comments Off on WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Send Over 200 Contacts At Once

WhatsApp has announced a new update for its Android app which will allow users to share multiple contacts in one go while chatting. Earlier, WhatsApp had allowed sharing of only one contact while chatting and users had to attach and send contacts on separate chats. With the new update, users can share as many contacts they want to share at once. We successfully sent over 200 contacts in one chat.

WhatsApp is reportedly foraying into digital payment services in India. It is is working to launch person-to-person payments in India in the next six months. The WhatsApp payment service will be supported by BHIM platform.

In February, WhatsApp had introduced a Snapchat-like status feature. The ephemeral Statuses will be visible to contacts for 24 hours to contacts depending on the user’s privacy settings.

The new feature lets users share photos, animated GIFs or videos with drawings, images or captions overlaid. According to WhatsApp, the Statuses will be end-to-end encrypted like other communication on the messaging service.

Truecaller, which has a large user base in India, recently started a mobile payment service in the country based on the UPI platform.