Xiaomi to Launch a Coffee Machine Next?

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Xiaomi seems to be set to introduce a new product in its line-up. While the company is famous mostly for its smartphone range, it has expanded its production to several other products e.g. Mi Smart Scale, Mi Smart Camera, Mi Scooter etc.

The latest reports confirm that Xiaomi will soon bring out a new product and it looks to be a coffee machine.

Now if a tech company is launching a coffee machine, it is safe to assume that the device will be a ‘Smart device’, meaning, it will be based on IoT.

Users of the machine might get the capability of operating it through their smartphones.

The product is all set to launch on March 7.

Xiaomi has been busy expanding its range of products since long now and cater to a wide market. The products on offer range from Air-purifiers, pens and umbrellas to Smart Cookers.

With these releases, Xiaomi is on its way to become a complete IoT-based Firm. All these Xiaomi products are released under the name MIJIA.

Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 has also left the people antici[ating about the smartphone.